The Beijing Olympics has nothing on my Movember Closing Ceremony Party. We’ve got mustaches and cupcakes, my friend.


I’m up at 3am on the night before Movember comes to an end. Doing, of course, Movember-related biz. As an all-female Movember fundraising team, my friends E and J and I have decided to host what I’d like to call our first annual Mo Sista Movember Closing Ceremony Party. No, there will be no choreographed dancing of thousands of Chinese dancers a la the Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony, but…there WILL be cupcakes. Homemade Red Velvet ones, at that. And they will be bedazzled with candy mustaches. Take that, Beijing.

As women, we’ve gotten a lot of “How are you participating in Movember? You can’t even grow a mustache” responses after explaining our Movember fundraising efforts. So of course, being blessed with no facial fuzz, we decided to go a different route. We came up with this snazzy equation / answer to all problems: 

Drinks + Food + Photo Booths + Props + open laptop for easy donations + MUSTACHES + giving, loving, philanthropic people = a metaphorical fundraising bouncy house 

I’m excited to see everyone decked out in their finest, sporting their ridiculous mustaches. The mustache-free (aka women) will be gifted with some lovely adhesive ones provided by us. Ready, set, go. A fully mustached party. Go hard or go home, right? 

After a little prodding–let’s call it friendly encouragement–my mustached friends across the country (those traveling for work/pleasure and living in other states) have promised to Skype in so they can digitally attend the party. I did, however, promise to chuck a Red Velvet cupcake at the computer screen so they can digitally eat it…we’ll see how that goes:P. I may be kicking myself as I’m wiping globs of frosting off my MacBook.

All the proceeds from our party will, of course, be going to Movember, helping raise awareness for men’s health issues. When I first started fundraising, I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy working for this cause, but it’s been a wildly fun ride.

I must have talked with over a hundred people about Movember this month: my doctor, a random mustached man on the train, friends. Men’s health issues don’t seem to get much attention, but here’s to catching up to the women’s health movement.

More about Movember here, in case you’re interested!


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