The Mo Sista’s take on Movember

No, we didn’t grow facial hair. No, we didn’t sacrifice our dignity in order to look like D-list male porn stars from the ’70s for 30 days. Parents didn’t purposely cross the street when they saw us, thinking, “Thank God my daughter isn’t dating that guy.” And yeah, we’re engineered a little differently down south (more like an array of complex highways and tunnels and less like that big pencil you perfected your penmanship with in 1st grade). But, I’m proud to say, the Mo Sistas DID raise a hell of a lot of money for men’s health awareness.


Thanks to the support of some incredible friends, my team of Mo Sistas was able to raise close to $1K in one night for Movember. We’ve said it before, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of your donations. No matter big or small, they mean a lot to the people who have lost someone to prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and those who may face health obstacles in the future (knock on wood).

My venerable (and multi-talented) co-host, El, helped put together a gorgeous vintage-inspired chalk wall, the backdrop for our photobooth sessions. Check out the time-lapse video here:

So, to keep it short, let’s thank the people who make Movember not just a helluva fun time, but a month that shines the spotlight on all the issues that affect men’s health:

1) Mo Sistas: The women who love their brothers, fathers, boyfriends, husbands, etc. to the core. Even if you will never understand our hour-long visits to Sephora and we make you buy us pints of Ben & Jerry’s at 2am at least once a month.


2) Mo Bros: The fellas who support each other like jock straps support your gonads. And will fist bump you for years to come.


3) Mo Couples: The pairing of two benevolent people who share a love for facial hair. And other things, too, I’m sure. But mostly facial hair.


4) Mo Friends: Those who won’t let you look a fool / go it alone and will sport some serious facial hair (real or not) along with you.


5) Mo Donators: You make it rain like a rapper in a strip club. On a good cause. And with far less glitter.


Til next year, Movember!
The mustaches may be gone, but our support for men’s health is always here. Looking one part dapper, one part ridonkulous.



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