Bienvenido a Miami…the gateway to Peru:)

So here we are in Miami (travel bud H and I), a small pit stop on the way to Peru. Flights to Peru were significantly cheaper leaving from Miami, and our Team Peru dropout (Mike) is now living here, so we thought we’d tempt him with a visit and a dabble of FOMO… Our flight to Miami was pretty much a rickety rickshaw in the air, care of the horror that is Spirit Airlines. We’re fairly sure our flight attendant was drunk (she slurred through the entire safety shpiel, and then some), and our pilot was either entirely incompetent or blind, or both. Our plane experienced a kind of turbulence that went on for an hour, that I’ve never experienced in my life. The woman (complete stranger) clutched on to my arm, and I think I started panicking through osmosis or something. Of course, kids thought it was a roller coaster and started screaming “woo!” and squealing. Well, at least it was fun for someone. I’m going to attribute this wretched plane ride to poor piloting, and boycott Spirit for life. This is what we get for going for the lowest priced flight to Miami. Though, with $50-100 baggage fees (yes, you heard that right: BENJAMINS!), it ended up being more costly, and gave both of us minor heart attacks and took away at least 3 years of our lives. That’s right, kiddos, it costs about $50 to carry a bag on to a Spirit Airlines flight. And if you didn’t check your bag til you get to the gate? Guess what? There goes $100. Safe to say, WORST AIRLINE EVER. For an airline called Spirit, it sure did kill mine.

The drunk flight attendant and bumpy take-off: NOT reassuring.

The drunk flight attendant and bumpy take-off: NOT reassuring.

So far, Miami’s been on-and-off rainy and sunny, but quite possibly the best prelude to Peru we could’ve asked for. My high school-level Spanish is FINALLY being utilized! Miami is quite easily the most bilingual city in America, and when I think back on it, my parents didn’t need to send me to Mexico or Spain to learn Spanish (well, they did neither, hence my poor español skills). They really could’ve just sent me to Miami for a month for intense Spanish-language bootcamp. A day and a half here and we’ve gone out for a little salsa dancing, lazed around on Mike’s balcony, and gotten our Cuban food fix. There is one absolute truth: there is no such thing as too much Cuban food. Two words: Que. Rico!

IMG_20140808_144426 copy

Bistec de pollo rebozado al limon

Cafe con leche, perfection in a cup.

Cafe con leche, perfection in a cup.

Our eyes are definitely not bigger than our stomachs...

Our eyes are definitely not bigger than our stomachs…

After some lounging in the cocoon nest that others call a hammock, we’re ready to go. No more first world novelties for 15 days, just hostel living, hopefully a hot shower or two, and a fresh breath of a different exploration every day:D. Thankfully, Spirit Airlines doesn’t go to South America…hallelujah to that. Onward to Peru tomorrow!

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